Hybrid Paulownia Nursery at 24 Months

The Hybrid Paulownia, represented by the Megafolia™ Tree and PaulowniaOK™ Tree, is a specific cross-polination of five other trees that are then selectively propagated, creating a very fast growing hardwood tree that will grow in even the most inhospitable environment.  Furthermore, it has been successfully used for phytoremediation (bioremediation), removing pollutants from the ground at a Superfund site and as a byproduct of the photosynthesis process, converting the polutants to harmless oxygen and other inert products.

The Hybrid Paulownia Tree can be harvested in as little as two years, for biomass fuel, making it ideal for reforestation.  It grows to it's mature height of 55 to 65 feet in only six to seven years, with the first limbs beginning at 35 feet, thus producing excellent knot free lumber.  With irrigation, it grows equally well in arid or humid environments and at sea level or elevations to over 3000 feet.  It also replenishes itself, since a new tree will grow from the stump after the adult tree is harvested.  An additional advantage, is that due to its high level of photosynthesis, the Megafolia Tree will reduce global warming to a much greater degree than other species.

Hybrid Paulownia in Bloom
Intercroped with Wheat

All of this means that the Hybrid Paulownia Tree will not only produce high income from product sales, but will generate eco-friendly sustainable development in areas where it is planted.

The Hybrid Paulownia Tree is distributed worldwide, by Winport International, Inc.

For more detail on the Hybrid Paulownia Tree characteristics, see the Technical Specifications.



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