The trees in the photos below were planted as seeds, in our Oklahoma greenhouse. They began to break ground in week 4. The growth time, shown to the left of each pair of photos, indicates the time from the date that the seeds were initially planted. Growth was intentionally slowed at the end of week 7, to account for unavoidable delays in ground preparation for these trees, in Belize. Click on a photo to see a larger version of that photo. When the larger photo appears, you will see controls to step through the photos in that set.

Set 1 - Close-ups
Set 2 - Groups
Week 5
≈ 1.5 inches
Week 6
≈ 5 inches
Week 7
≈ 11 inches
Due to unavoidable land preparation delays in Belize, steps were taken at the end of week 7, to slow the growth of the seedlings, to match the delayed planting schedule.
Week 8
≈ 15 inches
Week 9
≈ 19 inches

Week 10
22 inches


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